Welcome to the realm of the artist currently known as Phredd .  Book a show, check out the latest videos, visit the facebook page, buy music…it’s all up in the menu bar or you could get acquainted by visiting the about page. Thanks for visiting and have a magnificent day!

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2 Responses to WELCOME

  1. Bob Blanshan says:

    Hello Sir! I am a huge fan of your music, and my kids and I watch you all the time. My church is currently doing Livestream kids’ classes on Facebook due to all our programming being cancelled by COVID-19. I was hoping to perform “Floating Zoo” and link to your youtube channel, but I did not want to use your work without permission. Do you charge for the use of your songs and if so how much?

    • phredd says:

      Hi Bob,

      Great to hear from you! Yes, please feel free to sing any of my songs or play any of my videos or music any time.

      I hope you are all safe and well!

      Thanks again!


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