About Phredd

Welcome to the website of the Artist Currently Known as PHREDD.

Hi, my name is Fred McNaughton. You may know me as the host of The Get Up and Go Show on WJTL in Lancaster, PA where I have been on the air since 1984.

Or you may know me as Phredd – Ukulele Strumming, Harmonica Wailing, Suitcase Drum Kicking, Quirky Singer-Songwriter of Unmitigated Joy!

If you have not yet connected with me, I’d like the opportunity to do that through my music, videos, and concerts. Please consider booking me for a concert at your church, school, event or even house concert.

Please also sign up to connect with me on Facebook and Twitter.

Or, come out to a concert and find out why someone once said that Kids and Family music is “all about the love!”

(I also am a Suitcase Musician and play music and write songs with my good friend Steven Courtney. Please consider booking Steven Courtney or Steven Courtney and the Suitcase Musicians by going to Steven’s website.  Steven and I also occasionally do Steven and Phredd duo concerts. Inquire at Steven’s website for that as well.)